What Is NPI?

It’s a unique ten-digit identification number i.e.

National Provider Identifier which is issued to health care providers. The NPI is mandated by health insurance portability and accountability act (NIPAA) 1996 and its sole purpose is to improve the efficiency of electronic transmission of health information.

How you can get an NPI Number

The NPI number is not only issued to individual healthcare providers it is also issued to organizations like hospitals clinics and schools. You may apply for an NPI with the simple procedure which hardly takes 20 to 30 minutes.

1. You may apply NPI through CMS or web-based applications or via email.

2. You can also apply for an identifier by visiting National Plan And Provider Enumeration System Website by reading the instructions carefully.

3. If NPI is submitted via email you will receive your NPI via email within 1-5 days after you get confirmation of your application.

How to Receive Your NPI?

The amount of time depends upon the volume of application whether the application is applied on paper or electronically. The NPI which is electronically submitted could reach in 10 days.


Who Needs an NPI Number?

NPI number is required for Organizations that run healthcare, clinics, and schools. NPI number is even required for offices that do have any health insurance portability and accountability act electronic transactions.


Why NPI is Important?

The NPI is very important because it is a mandated Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Standard because it simplifies billing. The NPI is a unique numeric identification number that will be accepted by all health plans. The NPI enables customers to search for the providers in National Plan and Provider Enumeration System i.e (NPPES), there is no charge to apply NPI.

What is the cost of NPI Number?

NPI Number is free of cost. To apply for the NPI number you can use a web-based application or by visiting the National Plan and Provider Enumeration system website.

Health care provider NPI categories?

There are two types of health care providers for NPI, Individuals, and organizations.

1 Individual health care provider include:-

   . Dentist

   . Nurses

   . Physicians

   . Physical Therapists

2. Organizations healthcare providers include:-

   . Clinics

   . Hospitals

   . Pharmacies

   . Laboratories

  . Group practices etc.